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Ada in Action: Ada’s Story

This week we’re sharing a heartfelt letter we received from one of our clients. We love this type of feedback!

The Ada Jenkins Center,
It is with a huge sense of gratitude that I now write this long overdue note of praise and appreciation to the staff and volunteers at The Ada Jenkins Community Center. I am in awe of the kindness, warmth, compassion, sensitivity, and love that I have been shown through such a difficult season of my life’s journey.

I have always found it very difficult to ask for help or to accept help from others. Many days I found myself in tears because I was in pain and in great need but yet, I did not want to go to a social service agency for help. Someone suggested that I go to Ada Jenkins. I was embarrassed, truly embarrassed. I never thought I would find myself without employment, no food, no financial resources, and a plethora of other problems on top of those already named. I felt that I could not have gotten any smaller as a human being. I felt defeated.

God gave me the strength to go to Ada Jenkins. The strength and push from God was exactly what I needed, even though I cried through most of the trip. When I reached The Ada Jenkins Center, I was in awe of the strength I felt from the staff and volunteers. Please forgive me for identifying just a few of the people who touched my life in a way that I will never forget. Jenni, Cara, Michelle and Julie … pulled me out of my nightmare. I didn’t feel as if I was just a number to them. I felt as if I were a person that they cared about with great conviction. They treated me as if they had known me for years. They listened to my story and didn’t turn away from my tears. I was grieving, and they allowed me to do that.

It is important to understand that it is difficult for me to write just a few lines about my experience with The Ada Jenkins Center. I am so grateful that this human services agency exists. As I’ve waited in the reception area for an appointment or for services, I have been amazed by the staff and volunteers who have handled some “trying” clients with such professionalism and patience. I don’t know if I could ever work in social services without a high degree of burnout or other issues. Yet, I have never seen staff and volunteers display any degree of frustration, impatience, or lack of concern.

I will end now with the greatest THANK YOU that I can ever say. Those words, however, are not enough to convey my appreciation and gratitude to everyone at Ada Jenkins for seeing me through a horrendous storm.

Life is slowly getting better for me. I may still need some assistance from The Ada Jenkins Center, but I won’t be as timid about calling on my friends at Ada Jenkins for help.

May God Bless All of You,
Ada Watson-White

Ada in Action: Charlyn’s Story

This week we’re sharing another story from another happy client. The Ada Jenkins Center takes great pride in what we do and we truly appreciate hearing back from those who we have helped.

“Ada has meant the world to me. These are people who empower, who are knowledgeable, and who offer solutions and are aptly prepared to handle ANY crisis! I look forward to opening those big red doors again soon.

I’ve always gotten positive feedback and they have NEVER been too busy to come to my rescue, whether it was offering direction or just a listening ear. I consider them my “angels” on earth! Ada means the world to me.”

Charlyn Paige

Ada in Action: Ivonne’s Story

This week Ada in Action features another testimonial from one of the many people we have been able to help through a tough situation. We know that all people have the ability to improve their lives, and we are here to help them do so.

“It means so much to me that I was able to receive help when I found myself in a very difficult situation. For me, this is a very valuable center for us who are in need and for us who have limited resources. It is a place of hope.

I am incredibly grateful for the people that make up the center – staff, volunteers, students, listeners, and friends. They make it possible for us to feel respected and cared for. The center is made up of super personnel, they are very kind and caring and I am thankful for everyone.”

Ivonne Lopes Caldeorn

Ada in Action: Alanulfo’s Story

Here at the Ada Jenkin’s Center we love hearing back from those who we have helped. Our reach goes beyond the center itself, and stories like this would not be possible without your help!

“I thank God for sending me to the Ada Jenkins Center, and for all the support and encouragement that they have given to me, my family, and to all of the people that are truly in need of encouragement and support. Whether that support is providing clothing, food, medical visits, dental care, furniture, or much, much more…thank you.”

Alanulfo Ojeda Celetino